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Orvil Ivie: Guestbook


August 6, 2015

had a great time watching your group and lisening to great music. Made me think of Randy all night i think he was there enjoying the music. thanks orvil keep up the good music

Joe Nickeson

July 9, 2013

Hey, man, it's good to see you're still kickin' it! How come you snubbed Jimmy Page in your bio? I seem to remember you taking your guitar everywhere with you and more often than not (during that period anyway) you were playin Led Zeppelin, including the apropos Good Times, Bad Times. Keep it up!

Gayle Baker

April 6, 2013

Loved you, Garry and Bill the other night at McMenamins old church in Wilsonville. Look forward to hearing/seeing you again.

Gerry Becker

March 22, 2013

New e-mail direct to my phone,old one is no longer to expensive------- THANKS BRO!!!!!

Gerry Becker

January 26, 2013

New E-mail address!!!!! Hey Mister!


January 21, 2013

You and the guys really rocked Saturday night at the Half Penny. Ellen is a hi energy entertainer with a great voice. You probably noticed that the place was packed.Thanks for an enjoyable evening.

Paige M

December 12, 2012

Heard you play foe the first time @ Oregon Gardens. LOVE the way you play and the music that you play. It's my favorite music. Can hardly wait to hear you again!

Ted Swenson

September 3, 2012

Absolutely great playing wiht you at Ellen's gig in Cannon Beach! You killed! Again sometime, I hope!

Dale and Sally Roberton

July 12, 2012

Howdy Neighbor,
Did you ever play at Springers in Portland in the early 70's? I sang there a few times.
I like your music!

Judy Bese

November 27, 2011

Heard you at Vanduzer on Thanksgiving Weekend. Great music!!
Looking forward to catching you somewhere else soon.

Diane Schelske

May 3, 2011

Hey Orv! Great photos! Looking forward to hearing you again soon. It is always a great show! You need to post a few of you and Kathy, too! :) Also, I kinda like the one of you guys in Malta (I think) with the hands...Do you know which one I mean? Love you! Di

Dave Gilberts

April 4, 2010

Hey Orvil, my brother took his son to your clinic and pointed me to your web site that brings back great memories of taking lessons from you when I was a kid in the '70s at Village Music and watching KICK play "She's a Woman" through the Bottle Factory window in Stayton. You're still my #1 guitar influence and I'm really happy that my nephew is now listening to you play so he can pick up as many tasty "Orvil licks" as he can like I tried to. Your new stuff sounds great! Respectfully, Dave Gilberts

Kristen Sweeney

March 10, 2010

We live in Silverton! So we will be seeing you guys real soon. Thrilled to see you and can't wait to show Harold these great photos. Fondly, Kristen Sweeney


January 13, 2010

Nice website, my friend.
Thanks for the spokane pic.
When was that, do you think?
70? It's all a blur. I used to have it as some poster but where do you put that up? and why?

Big Jim

September 13, 2009

WOW !! Those photos sure jolted the old memory banks (no relation to Steve). I've been dancin' for decades to your music. What fun times !! Thanks, see you soon !
Big Jim

Lulu Hicks

September 6, 2009

OMG! Those pics really take me back!!! I just can't believe how long ago those are.

Karyn Ivie

August 30, 2009

This is a really nice website. I looked and listened to all of it. I Loved it! Keep adding pictures and music. I will be back.
Love ya,


July 28, 2009

These pics are truly amazing... I remember this

Thanks for sharing. Any Mission mill shots?


June 22, 2009

Even after all these years, I never get tired of hearing you play!

Site looks good - especially love the pictures!


June 16, 2009

Hi Orv,
Wayne & Carleen, Joe & I and many many others want to "Thank You" for a FANTASTIC Saturday night at the Roxxy. You make the music my friend. We had "The Best" all on one stage. You can't get any better than that. What a night!!
Thank you.....

kirk ainslie

June 8, 2009

great job on the web-site, always enjoy hearing your music


June 8, 2009

Nice job on the web site. Love the music. Thanks!

Mark Nerby

June 5, 2009

Hey Orv!!! Thanks for the link..... and the kind words.


June 3, 2009


Julia Welch

June 1, 2009

Hey,Orv. Great job! People love your music. And the people are still talking about you.
Thank You Julia The bartender at Salishan's Resort.


May 31, 2009

This is great! I decided it would ok if you want to you can play for STEVIE WONDER & AND JEFF BECK! THE LIST IS GROWING!


May 17, 2009

It was great to remember the White Coaster days and to see Randy. I never even posted my one picture, Alisha did it for me. I guess I could make her post some more! See you soon.

Dr. Brown

May 8, 2009

Stallion 102

Thomas Bishop

May 3, 2009

It was great to meet you the other night. You're getting a great sound from those guitars. Wow! You've had quite the run of bands. Say, what happened to all the hair we had?

Diana Nerby

April 28, 2009

Great site Orv! Love the pics. I especially remember Eskape and the Gleneden Beach days.

Clay Brooks

April 18, 2009

You sexy BEAST you!!!

Great site, and no, I won't publish those OTHER band photos!!!

Your the real deal my man!!!!

Trish Virnig

April 13, 2009

Holy Cow! What memories the photos bring back! I think I sewed some of those shirts! You sure have stood the test of time. Great website!

Gail Ripp

April 13, 2009

Wow, what just happened!! Time warp back to the good ol days. Gotta love em..Thank you so much for sharing with us. Seems like just yesterday...
Kathy, we miss seeing you...
Take care.
Gail & Joe

Cindy Ivie-Akers

April 5, 2009

Wow, Uncle Bob. You sure have been playing a long time!
So cool you got to hang with Stevie Ray.
Want more photos.
Love, Cindy

Em & Lois

April 2, 2009

Hey, what fun! Keep it up.

Brian Gunter

March 31, 2009

Nice site Orv! Glad to see you're still rockin!

dawn littlejohn

March 31, 2009

reminds me of the great oregon museum days and the wonderful 70's i will see you at the oregon gardens!

Sherri Hughes

March 31, 2009

Wow, what a walk down memory lane!

Dave Ivie

March 31, 2009

Hey Bro,
Lookin good. Brings back lots of memories with the pictures.

Nathan Kruger

March 30, 2009

Great 70's photo. Gonna have to keep that one around.